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What QEF Really Means… – Amory School District

What QEF Really Means…

What Q.E.F. means to the students of West Amory Elementary

The Amory community has supported our young people in academics, sports, band and many other activities throughout our school district. Students, teachers and administrators are fortunate to have an organization like Q.E.F. that we can depend on for funding assistance for much needed academic resources. Q.E.F. has been a driving force for the advancement in learning for students at West Amory Elementary and all our schools for many years.

Personally, my students and I have benefited greatly from classroom grants several times throughout my teaching career in Amory. I have prepared grant proposals for fiction and non-fiction books, math resources, dictionaries and many other items that enhanced my students learning in a very positive way. My students were able to read on a much higher grade level when they advanced to second grade because of Q.E. F. resources that were available to me in my classroom as well as our school library. Materials purchased with Q.E. F. funds are used from year to year. Other students are able to glean the benefits from these grants, as well.

What does Q.E.F. mean to me? Q.E. F. funding has been so beneficial because of state budget cuts that have plagued school districts. It means that someone in my community supports my students, my parents, my school district and me. It means that someone in our community wants the very best for all students in the Amory School District and they work very hard to get that goal accomplished. Thank you, Q.E. F., for making a tremendous difference in the lives of children who live in Amory, Mississippi.