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QEF – Quality Education Foundation, INC – Amory School District

QEF – Quality Education Foundation, INC


Quality Education Foundation, Inc
Serving the Amory School District
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

The Quality Education Foundation, Inc. (QEF), established in 1997, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising private funds to support quality education in the Amory School District.

QEF is dedicated to the following:

•    Providing financial support for student activities

•    Providing grants to teachers for creative educational programs in their classrooms

•    Challenging parents, business leaders and the community to increase their involvement

•    in the education system.

QEF operates under the guidance of a volunteer board of directors who serve without compensation. The QEF Board meets the first Monday of each month from August through May.

Every teacher/administrator in the Amory School District has the opportunity to apply for QEF grants each year. The grants written by the teachers and administrators request funds for specific projects for use in their classrooms or their schools.

Since inception, QEF has donated over $325,000 to the Amory School District for enhanced educational opportunities.

Recent grants have included funds for:
•    Show Choir
•    Art Classes
•    Culinary Program
•    Engineering/Robotics
•    Rocket Team
•    Library books
•    Core Curriculum Resources
•    Metal Trades
•    ACT Prep Classes
•    After-school Tutorial Program
•    Science Enrichment Activities

The Quality Education Foundation has received financial support from businesses, individuals and foundations.
The more contributions QEF receives each year, the more the foundation is able to underwrite worthwhile projects through its grant program. Please commit to support the QEF by filling out the contribution form found below. Please make your check payable to the Quality Education Foundation and mail it to: P.O. Box 662, Amory, MS 38821. You may also make a donation to the QEF in memory of or in honor of a loved one, and an acknowledgement card will be mailed to the appropriate person. All donations are tax deductible.

QEF Form – Click here to make a contribution.

Basic Membership $25-$99
Bronze Benefactor $100-$249
Silver Benefactor $250-$499
Gold Benefactor $500-$999
Grand Benefactor $1,000 & up

QEF “Enhancing Education in the Amory School District”
Quality Education Foundation, Inc.
P O Box 662
Amory, MS 38821

QEF Thoughts

Amory has always enjoyed a reputation for having outstanding schools, but we cannot be content with accomplishments of the past. Our students must be ready to meet the challenges of a global society.

With your help, we will continue to accomplish our mission by raising private funds and giving teachers access to those funds through our “Grants to Teachers” program. This is often the only way a teacher can get the extra funds needed to make a real difference in the classroom.

Mrs. Dee Allison
President and Retired Educator


“Our annual ‘Grants to Teachers’ program allows teachers to apply for funds that address the extra needs, projects and programs of their classroom when no other monies are available.”

Mrs. Mike Manning
Vice President


“Community involvement is a key ingredient in the comprehensive education of our young people, and the quality of that education has a direct impact on the present and future economic development of our community.”

Mrs. Ruth Griffith
Board Member and Retired Educator

• ACT Prep
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