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  • A Timeless Musical Classic
    A Timeless Musical Classic by Jilli Grace Asa   The Prowl News Life has thrown a lot of curveballs at us this year like the coronavirus pandemic, deaths of beloved celebrities…
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  • Holiday Magic
    [caption id="attachment_7333" align="alignleft" width="263"] Left to right. Ally Thompson, Laney Howell, Jolie Bishop, Hannah Hoang Photo by Hannah Hoang[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7334" align="alignright" width="228"] Photo by Hannah Hoang[/caption] Holiday Magic by…
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  • Grey’s Anatomy Premiere Shocker (Spoiler Alert)
    Grey’s Anatomy Premiere Shocker (Spoiler Alert) by Mary Grace Black   The Prowl News Grey’s Anatomy was in the middle of filming its 16th season in March when the coronavirus forced…
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  • How to be There: A 4 Step Guide
    How to be There: A 4 Step Guide by Emma Kate Wright  The Prowl News    2020 has brought many to their breaking point.  It often seems all hope is…
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  • Covid Precautions
    Covid Precautions by Sam Parker  The Prowl News      “Pull your masks up.” I bet you’ve heard that before, if not several times everyday. This has become the new normal at…
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