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One Stroke Is All It Takes

by Sam Parker and Riley Adams

For the first time in four years, the Amory High School Girls Golf team has come out on top in the division tournament.  This dramatic win over the rest of the 3A girls has given them a one-way ticket to the state championship. The team of four could not be more excited about having the opportunity to continue their season in Hattiesburg. 

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Spring (Sports) Are in the Air

by Hannah Hoang

If you were to drive by Amory High School on any given afternoon, you’d likely see an array of spring semester sports practicing for their various games, matches, and meets.  The baseball and softball teams will be hitting balls and practicing infield drills, the tennis team practicing their backhands, members of the track team will be jumping hurdles on the football field, the archery team likely focusing on their targets,

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Dancing In the Moonlight: Amory Baseball Picks Up a Division Win Against Belmont

by Hannah Hoang

If you’ve ever been to an Amory High School baseball game, chances are you’ve heard the 1973 hit song “Dancing In the Moonlight” played after a win as the players and coaches do dirt work on the field and diamond girls clean up the stands.  This was the case on Monday as the Panthers were able to produce a win in a division matchup against Belmont.  Both teams were 0-4 in division play,

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by Leah Hood

Bryn camp is the only senior on the Amory High School Soccer team. With this being his last year, I asked him a few questions related to soccer.

How has covid impacted your senior season right now? “It has affected the season because we are not sure when our last game will be. We also cannot do the things we normally do at soccer. Everything is just weird.”

What is one word to describe Amory soccer?

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Making Up for Lost Tee Time

by Sam Parker

The boys and girls golf teams both came out strong in their first match of 2021 after their 2020 seasons got cut short due to COVID-19. With the season cut short last year, many changes have had to be made to the starting lineups. Younger members of the team have stepped into leadership roles to fill the void left by the senior class of 2020. 

The girls team started out the year with a very close match against rival team Nettleton.

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Third Round Bound: The AHS Football Team Tackles Their First Playoff Appearance

Third Round Bound: The AHS Football Team Tackles Their First Playoff Appearance

by Hannah Hoang   The Prowl News

The subtle anticipation of Friday Night Lights could be felt throughout the hallways of Amory High School last week as the band, cheerleaders, dancers, and football players all prepared for the first playoff game of the season against the Choctaw County Chargers.  Due to COVID-19, Amory had a bye week the first week of playoffs,

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A Tryout Gone Good 

A Tryout Gone Good

by Earlie Garth   The Prowl News

Have you ever thought about playing a sport? Well, with that comes tryouts and physically getting in shape. Tryouts are nerve-racking and they depend highly on your position on the team. 

I previously experienced this with tennis. Although I am a junior, I’ve just now decided to do an extracurricular activity. Tennis drew my attention from its players and their uniqueness to the world.

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“Cross”ing Off The Season With State

“Cross”ing Off The Season With State

by Yen Nhi Nguyen   The Prowl News

Imagine yourself running on a 5K trail with the nature scenery passing by in a blur as the sun shines brightly upon the path like the “yellow brick road.” Your heart races with exhilaration while your body aches with excruciating pain. However, you are almost there as the finish line comes into your sight, and the cheers of the audience grows louder and louder.

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Senior Night 

Senior Night

by Gracie Wright  The Prowl News

Despite changes due to Covid-19, AHS was still able to host a senior night against Belmont.  Football, band, dance, and cheer seniors were recognized throughout the game.  Amory reigned victorious over Belmont 31-13, proving to be a fun senior night for all.  

Students, teachers, and parents alike have been extremely grateful to have even had a football season this year,

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Regionals from a Runner’s Perspective

Regionals from a Runner’s Perspective

by Jill Byars  The Prowl News

“Runner’s Ready!”

The man in front of about thirty to forty girls in runner’s stance yelled this command, followed by a deafening squeal of an airhorn.  I take off and I try my best to cover more ground than the other girls.  The course included several sharp turns in the initial mile, so being ahead was for my benefit. 

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