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Romanticizing School; Your Guide to Staying Motivated This Fall

Romanticizing School; Your Guide to Staying Motivated This Fall

By Abi Stough, Editor in Chief, Prowl News

Autumn: the season of brown and red hues, warm blankets, chilling with friends, and everything pumpkin spice!. Unfortunately, Fall is also when numerous students take a day off from school. This season is nestled between the rush of September, the month where everything kicked off, and the holiday months, riddled with exams followed by going home for break. Fall is the time of year where students get into a bit of a slump: they get tired from exams and studying and are just ready to go home. 

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Is Trick or Treating Canceled Due to Covid?

By Treasure Ford, Prowl News

This Halloween, many people’s biggest fears aren’t skeletons, witches, ghouls or ghosts: it’s catching covid.  

This pandemic has been around since 2019 and has prevented many special occasions and holidays from being celebrated due to the risk of contracting the illness.  In 2020, the CDC recommended that instead of knocking on doors in order to trick or treat, that people distribute individually wrapped goodie bags from a “grab and go” distance. 

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Human Interactions

By Cali Brown, Prowl News

Every day when you go to school, you see people. You see your teachers, classmates, lunch ladies, maybe even people you’ve never seen before. The average number of people at an American High school is around 875. That is a lot of opportunities to interact with all kinds of people. 

Think about all the times you hold the door for someone, or give someone a friendly smile.

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Diversity, Not Division

Diversity, Not Division

By Baylee Cresap, Prowl News

Picture this: A classroom full of stressed, exhausted, stretched-thin teenagers. Students eagerly await 3:15 only for the majority to still have somewhere to be or something to do after that final bell.  High school is knowingly hard and comes with its own challenges, but not having genuine friendships or someone to talk to throughout these years can make high school even more difficult.  


As humans,

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Setting Goals

By Daelyn Latham, Prowl News

“What are your goals for the year?” Every teacher asks at the beginning of the year. Most of us don’t take this seriously, and we just write something random. Even though I don´t take them seriously sometimes like I should, I’m writing this article. We all think it’s dumb sometimes to plan out goals, but maybe that’s something we should start taking seriously.


Let’s face it,

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The Bittersweet ¨Last Firsts¨

The Bittersweet ¨Last Firsts¨

By Hannah Hoang, Prowl News

As a senior, one of the main phrases that you will hear is “This is your last first *insert activity here*.”  After almost a full month of being a senior, I’ve experienced a few of my own “last firsts”: the last first day of school, football game, and picture day are all just a few examples of what seniors get to experience during their last days at Amory High School. 

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Amory Prowl Advice Column

By Abi Stough, Editor in Chief, Prowl News

It’s that time of year once again; syllabus week is long over and school is winding up. With that, the Prowl News is officially starting an advice column! We have your back here. Need advice on how to manage time, keep stress levels down, or just need general guidance on a topic? Our staff is perfectly equipped to answer your questions! Just submit your queries to panoprowl2@gmail.com .

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Overcoming Social Anxiety

By Treasure Ford

Social anxiety is a dilemma that is prevalent in most teens across the U.S and I have come to notice that Amory High school is not the exception for this problem.  Many students are very social and seem to have no problem with talking and bonding with their peers.  On the other hand, we also have many students that keep to themselves and only talk if they are talked to first. 

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