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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

By Lillian Mae Gallop, Prowl News

What do you think the pancreas does for your body?

 “I don’t know … is it like what helps you digest stuff or something?” student Sophia Wren says.  

The function and location of the pancreas  are not common knowledge.  Because of this, a lot of people are unaware of the many symptoms of pancreatic cancer.  In addition to this, researchers have been unable to find a research tool that enables them to detect this type of cancer in its early stages. 

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Starting a Club

By Brianna Leon, Prowl News

It all started with a thought. I was laying in bed one night thinking about how there must be other people out there who enjoy reading as much as I do. And then it hit me: why not just start a book club? I’ve always wanted to be in a book club but the high school didn’t have one, at least not yet.

“Hey, I think we should start a book club at school,” I texted my friend,

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Achieving Excellence-Are Students Given Enough Credit?

By Taylor Brown, Prowl News

Students at Amory High School are held to a high standard of excellence in academics, sports, and various activities. It often becomes easy to see everything except the real work that is put in. We see the numbers and averages on our screens, but is enough credit given for the long hours spent studying, perfecting skills, or preparing for a class?

Any student can undoubtedly fall short of perfect.

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Happy For Homecoming

By Cali Brown, Prowl News

During the first few weeks of September, Amory High School began preparing for Homecoming. Mrs. Miller, the drama teacher, puts together a homecoming skit every year for students and staff to enjoy. Students who participate in drama do lots of work to make the acts come to life. 


Ruby Laird (JR) says, “I enjoyed making props and decorating”. 



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Amory Against Bullying

By Treasure Ford, Prowl News

When someone mentions bullying, we all think of a big, punk kid picking on another kid because that is what is portrayed in movies. However, this type of bullying is the least common of four main types: physical, verbal, social, and cyber. 


Physical bullying, like the previous example, is physically harming another person. It doesn’t have to just involve a big person versus a small person;

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Holiday Hype-Is It Too Soon?

By Abi Stough, Editor in Chief, Prowl News

Holiday season is sweeping the nation´s TikTok youth and with it comes an abundance of Halloween and Christmas content-all in the late weeks of August and the early ones of September. Walmart shelves are fully stocked with a myriad of all things Halloween: everything from makeup to costumes to themed candies. Many people think it is just too much too soon,

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A Letter to the Seniors of Amory High

By Terrell Atkins

“I thought they were just kidding when they said high school would go by fast,” Ally Thompson texted me once I got home from the Senior Luau Swim Party.  It was the eve of our first day of senior year for the Class of 2022  at Amory High School, and to say I had mixed feelings would be an understatement. 

Senior Year starts the beginning of the end for all of us. 

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