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50’s day!

by Ally Thompson

On March 5, 2021, the Friday before Spring Break, 11th grade U.S. History students participated in 50’s day. During this big annual project, students put together a presentation about the music, dances, foods, fashion, and games of the time period. After about a week of preparation, Mrs. Laney’s class strutted the halls wearing famous 1950’s attire. Juniors ate food ordered from Bill’s Hamburgers and Jack’s and danced to some of the popular music.

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One Year And Counting

by Jenia Bolton

It has officially been a year since Corona took over the world.  From being out of school for spring break to pushing out the remainder of the year, this virus truly took a toll on most people.  With schools being back in session, many changes were made to follow the precautions brought by the virus.  Most would have thought a year into a pandemic would mean progress, but sadly most things are how they were at the beginning of this pandemic. 

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Components of Propaganda

by Emma Kate Wright

Components of propaganda, throughout history, are rooted in the misuse and abuse of the resources available to us at the time.  In the modern-day, fake articles are often written and shared on social media to alter situations or someone’s opinion on something.  Newspaper owners William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer started the concept (or at least made everyone aware) of yellow journalism in the 1890s.  This concept of fake news was kept alive by the people as everyone wanted to read something more interesting and crazy than what was actually happening at the time. 

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The Amory High School Takes A Step In The “Write” Direction

The Amory High School Takes A Step In The “Write” Direction

by Nhi Nguyen

As the seasons changed to a time of scholarships and essays, Ms. Rachael Sibley took it upon herself to create a community between students in the hopes of establishing a writing environment where members can immerse themselves in peer-reviewing or improving their capabilities as a writer.

If you have trouble with writing or need someone’s opinion, you no longer have to worry about this issue. With the creation of the AHS Online Writing Lab (OWL),

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The ACT!

The ACT!

by Jenia Bolton   The Prowl News

The Act is one of the most important tests you can ever take in your life. It is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. This test covers four academic areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. They each have different times and a different number of questions for each subject. For example,

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Challenged Accepted

Challenged Accepted

by Taylor Brown   The Prowl News

Along with the new freshman faces at the Highschool, a few more changes were brought along with the new year.  Because of our unfortunate circumstances dealing with the Coronavirus, many things that have become a staple here at AHS have been pushed to the side.  Despite the many changes, the teachers’ willingness to help and dedication to their jobs has never waivered.  

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Gift from the Past

Gifts from the Past

by Hannan Hoang  The Prowl News

Amory High School Journalism received a gift from a familiar face in late September that will be a key factor in covering their athletic and academic events.

Luke Flippo graduated from Amory in 2019, but his influence on the journalism class and photography club still reigns on.  After graduating, Flippo moved to Connecticut to attend Yale University. 

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Senior Night 

Senior Night

by Gracie Wright  The Prowl News

Despite changes due to Covid-19, AHS was still able to host a senior night against Belmont.  Football, band, dance, and cheer seniors were recognized throughout the game.  Amory reigned victorious over Belmont 31-13, proving to be a fun senior night for all.  

Students, teachers, and parents alike have been extremely grateful to have even had a football season this year,

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A New Face at AHS  

A New Face at AHS  

by Ashlyn Black  The Prowl News

Although COVID-19 affected many of our activities, it has not hindered us from having a student teacher here at Amory High School.  Bailey Gillentine is interning here at AHS from Mississippi State University.  When picking which school she would want to intern at, Ms. Gillentine did not hesitate to have Amory as her top pick; “I got to pick my top three schools and Amory was my number one.”  Gillentine says her favorite part of AHS is how much it differs from surrounding schools. 

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Two Amory Students Making a Change in Mississippi Education

Two Amory Students Making a Change in Mississippi Education

By Earlie Garth  The Prowl News

Over 300 students from school districts of Mississippi applied for a seat in the State Superintendent Student Advisory Council. Two students (Hannah Hoang & Will McComb) from Amory High School have been chosen to represent the state of Mississippi and have a seat at the council.  Applicants filled out extensive applications that included questions about issues they see students facing in Mississippi,

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