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Your Attitude Affects Everyone

Your Attitude Affects Everyone

By Taylor Brown  The Prowl News

What makes you a good student?  Is it your effort in class, participation, being smart, or having good grades?  Think about something that has an effect not only on yourself but others also.  Your attitude can have the greatest effect on those around you, making it a large part of why you may or may not be considered a “good student.”

Being a good student doesn’t necessarily just mean having good grades or getting to class on time.  Sometimes being a good student has more to do with the impact you have on the rest of your classmates and teachers.  If you can bring a positive attitude and a willingness to work, nearly every teacher at AHS, in my experience, will appreciate your hard work and effort.  The teachers at our school have worked extremely hard throughout the beginning of our school year to give us the best opportunities possible, even with every roadblock in the way.

Our year of surprises seems as if it will never end.  Throughout the past week, we celebrated Homecoming at AHS, only this year it was a little different.  Aspects such as a maximum capacity of people at our football game and having to wear face masks brought a new experience to our game.  We were shown the true colors of the student body and our abilities to overcome the negative aspects of this year.  Even though things changed and we experienced it differently, the student body brought positivity to the school through Spirit Week.

We saw students all throughout the school dress up each day with spirit and liveliness.  Now we know that this is something that will never change.  The attitudes of the students and their willingness to participate made the week much more fun and eventful.  Collaborative group costumes and unique individual costumes brought smiles to both students and faculty.  This is what made them “good students.”