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Women in History: A Forgotten and Ignored Legacy

Women make up about 50% of the world’s population, yet occupy less than 1% of internationally recorded history.  Why are the statistics skewed that way? This question comes about in many conversations among men and women in many different settings and, disregarding sexist or uneducated comments, it is not very common to know why.  When observing and studying prehistoric, or archaic times, you will see a flourishing of women figures, even more than men. Examples include Cleopatra: Ruler of Egypt, and Olympias: Ruler of Macedonia and mother of Alexander the Great.  So what happened when prehistoric times turned into historic? At the beginning of society, women carried great status but this changed once the people realized the need for “muscle power” in early development of civilization. Since the women did not usually partake in the heavy lifting, most men believed that this rejected them the right to be involved in other important issues such as leadership roles in tribes and villages.  This is a common reason that women are not seen often in history books. It was not that women were inferior or did not make an impact, but were more often than not, left out by men and even other weaker-minded women. Although the facts point out an injustice in women’s credibility in history, it is our job to fill the gaps. Women have been given an insignificant rep and have even been left out of history for almost 4 thousand years, so it is inevitable that we have some catching up to do!