Who is Warner Creekmore? – Amory School District

Who is Warner Creekmore?

Warner Creekmore is the new instructor for the Horticulture and Stem Program at the Career and Technical Center at Amory High School. However, Mrs. Creekmore’s past career positions and experience is an interesting tale. Throughout Mrs. Creekmore’s life, she has been an opportunist and visionary for a more proactive and fruitful future. 

Mrs. Creekmore was born in Inverness, Mississippi in 1966. She attended Indianola Academy until graduation. Afterward, she attended a female-only college at Converse University in South Carolina to major in Landscape and Architect, but she only attended the university for two years because she was feeling homesick. Then, she transferred to Mississippi State University to finish her degree. It was at MSU that Mrs. Creekmore would meet her future husband Sam Creekmore. Together, Sam and Warner formed Creekmore Landscape in 1991.

Creekmore Landscape started from the bottom with just a WT Chevrolet truck and a small trailer that Mrs.Creekmore and her husband took a loan for and ran the business from their home in New Albany. The main goal that Mrs.Creekmore had in mind when starting the business was to provide Mississippians’ infrastructure or homes with “maintained design and installations.” Although Creekmore Landscape was a small company with few connections, it has since grown. About a year and a half later, Creekmore Landscape grew into a successful business endeavor. Creekmore Landscape is now a striving and progressive business that has made impressive feats in the landscape industry of North East Mississippi. After so many years, Mrs. Creekmore embraced her love for Tennis and her passion for coaching. This began her path and mission to help kids succeed in their athletics. Warner Creekmore said that she “has always had a love for working with kids.” Warner Creekmore would strive to help her kids whether it be at Sunday school or on the field at youth games. This led her to become the main tennis coach at New Albany High School from 2007 to 2014. During those years, the New Albany Tennis team experienced an influx of wins and went to four state championships. As for Mrs. Creekmore, she was nominated and selected as the Mississippi Tennis Association’s Coach of the Year in 2012 and 2013. In 2016, Blue Mountain College contacted Mrs. Creekmore and asked if she would be interested in starting and coaching a tennis team for the college. She gladly accepted the offer and the challenges that would come with it.

While at Blue Mountain College, she led a men’s and women’s tennis team. During her time there, she advanced the Blue Mountain College Tennis Team to great heights. However, as the 2019 school year came to an end, Mrs. Creekmore made the decision to step down from her position. She commented, “I loved the college and kids, but it was just my time to move on.” During that summer, Mrs. Creekmore would stumble across a hiring ad about a new horticulture position at Amory High School. She immediately applied for the job and was approved by Mr. Millender. 

Since Mrs. Creekmore’s arrival, the horticulture program has seen a revival in its greenhouse/activities as well as a complete reorganization of its structure. Under Creekmore’s vision, the students in horticulture have hung up hooks and tool brackets for their equipment, cleaned up the greenhouse, and added sand and manure to the planting soil. They also tilled it and planted Fall crops such as sugar and jack-o-lantern pumpkins, broccoli, swiss chard, beans, corn, rosemary, carrots, collard greens, radishes, and lavender. They also perform maintenance on gardening equipment and mow the grass around the garden weekly. Mrs. Creekmore’s grand vision for Horticulture is to one day operate a small growing operation and have an orchard. If this comes to fruition, then it will provide the needed financial resources to fund horticultural trips and projects.  As a means to provide funds for trips and projects, a relationship with the culinary program could be established by providing fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, Mrs. Creekmore believes that her revision will encourage more students to enroll in the program. Mrs. Creekmore’s hope is that every student involved in the program develops a love and appreciation of the environment.

l-r Senior Nyjah S. and Mrs. Creekmore