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Volleyball Parents Point Of View

By Kami Wilf, Prowl News


As the Amory Panthers Varsity Volleyball team continues further into their season, with the record of 11-2, the crowd has never been better. More fans have attended this year than ever before, especially the students.  The atmosphere influences the Lady Panthers, giving them a greater stride for succeeding in winning division and going into playoffs.


Although the student section has been outstanding this year, it is the parent section that continues to be the team’s number one supporters at every game. Coach Ashford’s father, Ben Ashford, has been an exceptional Lady Panther fan. He follows the Panthers everywhere they go as one of their biggest supporters. 


Ashford was asked at the Amory vs. Aberdeen home game Thursday night, September 23, what he enjoys most about our 2021 Lady Panthers. 


“I enjoy watching the growth of the team. They have grown so much since the first game. Their communication, work ethic, and attitudes have all improved tremendously throughout the season, including fixing the jealousy between one another. I can’t wait to watch them grow more together and go into the playoffs.” 


His support, along with all the other Panther fans, has impacted the 2021 Volleyball Lady Panthers in an exceptional way they haven’t experienced in a while.