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Virtual Wednesdays

Virtual Wednesdays

By Gracie Wright  The Prowl News

As many of you know, Amory School District implemented virtual Wednesdays into students’ schedules for the 2020-21 school year.  Every Wednesday, traditional students have the privilege of working from home for the day.  These are days in which students can use as much or as little time they need to complete their schoolwork.  For me, it is a day to rewind.

Student body president Ashlyn Black says her day starts by logging onto Google classroom and checking her assignments for the day.  She then uses her time to decide which assignments she needs to complete and crosses them off the list for the morning.  Since she gets her work done early in the day, the rest of the day can be filled with whatever she decides for the day.  

Many other students enjoy this aspect too; at school, there is oftentimes extra time to complete assignments that students wish they could use for other activities.  During virtual Wednesday, though, students can work on their own time.  

Some days I complete work early, some at night, and some on and off throughout the day.  That is the beauty of virtual Wednesday though- it does not matter.  

It is also super beneficial to teachers.  Teachers have an entire day at school to prepare, catch up on grading, and have a day without student distractions.

To the joy of students and teachers, it was decided to continue virtual Wednesdays for the rest of the semester.  They will continue to be productive and relaxed days for students and teachers alike.