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The Weeknd: The Halftime Show That Had Mixed Reviews

By Jilli Grace Asa

On Sunday, February 7, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers played Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the 55th Super Bowl. It was a successful win for the Bucs with a mixed review for The Weeknd’s halftime performance. The performance itself has sparked millions of memes all over social media and various reactions from fans and haters alike. 

After the first half, preparations for the halftime show were immediately underway to get the show rolling. When he came out on the stage and began with his hit song “Starboy”, the crowd of 22,000 fans cheered on the 31-year-old artist. He then went into the gold, mirror-like room where he performed the songs “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”. The cameraman’s close-up shots of his face sparked many memes. The “clones” of The Weeknd with his signature red suit and bandaged face from the AMAs and stayed with him until the end of the performance when he sang his big song of 2020, “Blinding Lights”. While having good music, his halftime show didn’t receive the best review and some of the people watching didn’t enjoy his show.

After his show, The Weeknd had various memes of him created online and millions of reviews. While some people thought this show was one of his best performances, many said that the performance wasn’t good. One thing people didn’t enjoy was the fact that this show was solo. Another source said that his show gave people “whiplash”. Many celebrities, on the other hand, gave immense praise to the artist. Drake, Dionne Warwick, and Timothee Chalamet along with many other celebrities praised him on their Instagram stories and Twitter. Even former Disney Star, David Henrie, poked fun at the show with a picture of the growing meme. Even though the show sparked several mixed reactions and millions of memes, the show overall was a success and a moment in history as The Weeknd was the first Canadian to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. To find the halftime show, go to to watch it.