The Lady Panther – Amory School District

The Lady Panther

 The Lady Panther

by Jenia Bolton  The Prowl News

Amory High School is supported by many people from around the way, but the most important supporter of all is their very own Lady Panther. She is one of the most positive and outgoing panthers Amory has ever had. Ms. Panther is always on the field every Friday night either making someone laugh or making them smile. Her unique personality brings a great wave of joy to everyone in the stands each night she is there. Her name is Ms. Hannah Moore. 


 Hannah Moore is a Junior who attends Amory High School and has been the AHS mascot since her sophomore year. Hannah says that becoming the mascot had always been something she was interested in since middle school. Hannah had been ready for tryouts and unfortunately, she did not make it, but she knew this was something she really wanted to do. So, the next time she tried out, she gave it her all and officially became the AHS Mascot. Hannah fell in love with being the panther. She says that seeing all the young kids light up was the best. Hannah has led the band, cheered, danced,  and also hyped everyone up in the stands, which is why she is the best AHS Mascotmascot AHS will ever have. Hannah is so in love with being the mascot and hopes to be one in college. 

Her great spirit will be truly missed once she is gone.

Hannah says “Being the Amory Panther Mascot will always hold a special place in my heart! ”