The Effects of Covid-19 on a Beloved Holiday – Amory School District

The Effects of Covid-19 on a Beloved Holiday

The Effects of Covid-19 on a Beloved Holiday

by Jilli Grace Asa  The Prowl News

The month of October brings a lot of fun events to America: fall, pumpkin spice everything, leaves changing, and most importantly Halloween. Many Americans love Halloween because of the spookiness, candy, and especially trick or treating. However, as we know, this year brought around a ton of changes, one of which is a global pandemic that hit the US hard at the end of March. Therefore, a lot of people are asking, “Are we going to have a normal Halloween this year or not?”

While in previous years before the pandemic, people were out decorating their homes, picking out a costume for their children, and getting candy for the candy bucket, but this year may be a little different. Covid has brought about many restrictions and regulations to keep the spread of it under control. A source says that in Amory, MS, “The town is still having its annual chilifest, but it will be very different than in years past. The town will have to make it as safe as possible, do it to where everyone is safe, and try not to spread the virus. As far as trick or treating is concerned, people are still indecisive about the ordeal. What parent is going to really want to sanitize the candy that their child/children get? And if trick or treating does happen, how are the houses going to give the children candy? They can’t just give it to them. So, what is it that people are going to do?

According to AHS Senior Nhi Nguyen, she is skipping out on the holiday this year. She said, “I don’t really celebrate the holiday anyway, but with everything going on I don’t want to put my family at risk.”  Nhi is a good example of wanting to be safe and not partake in all of the festivities this year. She wants to make sure that she and her family don’t get the virus and spread it around to their friends.

Halloween time is a time to go ghost hunting, bob for apples, and watch the leaves fall. It is also time to take part in many fun and spooky activities. While some of them may be canceled, you can still participate in whatever events you can find in your area and celebrate the festivities with your family with safety.