The Bittersweet ¨Last Firsts¨ – Amory School District

The Bittersweet ¨Last Firsts¨

By Hannah Hoang, Prowl News

As a senior, one of the main phrases that you will hear is “This is your last first *insert activity here*.”  After almost a full month of being a senior, I’ve experienced a few of my own “last firsts”: the last first day of school, football game, and picture day are all just a few examples of what seniors get to experience during their last days at Amory High School.  All of these are bittersweet moments and memories that are meant to be cherished and held onto.  All four years of my high school career have been filled with lasting friendships, influential teachers, and countless moments that have made me laugh until I’ve cried.


Unfortunately, as the school year continues at a faster pace than I want, I’ve reflected on the question “Are you going to miss this place?”  It’s one that I hear often, and it’s asked by students and adults alike.  My response to this question has changed though as I’ve matured in my thinking.  I’ve “done all the things” at Amory High School: I’ve been able to join clubs and activities, meet people that I will never forget, and, most importantly, prepare myself for my future careers and aspirations. 


 I’m excited for my future and cannot wait to get out into the “real world.”  So although I’m holding onto my friends a little closer during these last months as a high schooler, I am beyond excited for what my future holds.  As one of my favorite Lady Antebellum songs “American Honey” sums it up, “She couldn’t wait to get going, but wasn’t quite ready to leave.”