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The Amory High School Takes A Step In The “Write” Direction

by Nhi Nguyen

As the seasons changed to a time of scholarships and essays, Ms. Rachael Sibley took it upon herself to create a community between students in the hopes of establishing a writing environment where members can immerse themselves in peer-reviewing or improving their capabilities as a writer.

If you have trouble with writing or need someone’s opinion, you no longer have to worry about this issue. With the creation of the AHS Online Writing Lab (OWL), you have easy access to competent, experienced reviewers that are prepared to assist you in your journey to refined writing. All you have to do is upload your Google Doc in the Classwork section under the assignment for that particular week. Next, there is a Google Form that will ask you questions about the requirements of your writing as well as any essay elements that you want your reviewer to focus on.

If you have any talent in writing or want to help other people unlock their writing potential, you can sign up to be a reviewer. Also, you can earn volunteer hours through the AHS OWL. All you need to do is review the submitted writing and complete a C.A.R.E.S form that will guide you through the process of writing analysis. You can add extra comments to the essay that will further encourage the writers to hone their writing skills.

This type of organization is the first of its kind at Amory High School, and it is pushing for a more student-involved movement within the school. Therefore, if you want to be part of this, you can sign up for the AHS OWL Google Classroom using this code: pcl2bmv, and you can join the AHS OWL Remind by texting the code @6c8ecf to 81010.