Tennis, Anyone? – Amory School District

Tennis, Anyone?

Amory High School Tennis season kicks off this year on Monday, February 23 in Amory against Baldwyn. The tennis team is in a new division this year with 3A opponents Nettleton and Belmont.  The team hopes to return to the post season playoffs like they did in 2018 when they finished 2nd in 4A behind Pontotoc. 

This year’s team has four returning seniors. Will Buskirk is the only senior boy. Maren Guthrie, Meredith Crouch and Aseanti McIntosh are the returning Senior girl players. Amory also has some Junior players returning with varsity court experience in Caroline Nestor and Mary Grace Black. Other returning players with varsity experience this year are Campbell Erikson, Dylan Thompson, Christopher Hitt and Gabe VanYperen. 

Coach Amanda Eddings is leading the team again this year. The team has not had much court practice time this year with all the rain this past couple of weeks. They have been working out in the weight room, running and completing inside drills. 

Be sure to check out the AHS Tennis Team this season. All matches start around 4:30 pm during the season. 


2020 Amory Tennis Team

Will Buskirk, Maren Guthrie, Meredith Crouch, Asheanti McIntosh, Caroline Nestor, Mary Grace Black, Dylan Thompson, Campbell Erikson, Gabe VanYperen, Christopher Hitt, Payton Ford, Ashley Holloway, Ron Jenkins, Toby Adams, Jonathan Calderon, Clark Mason, Bailey Flynn, Nathan Gordon and Colter Gruchy.