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Overcoming Social Anxiety

By Treasure Ford

Social anxiety is a dilemma that is prevalent in most teens across the U.S and I have come to notice that Amory High school is not the exception for this problem.  Many students are very social and seem to have no problem with talking and bonding with their peers.  On the other hand, we also have many students that keep to themselves and only talk if they are talked to first.  Although this might not seem like that big of a deal, not being able to bond with peers and have fun can ruin the high school experience for many students.

There are many slight behaviors that are seen as normal but are also big signs of social anxiety.  Some common examples are avoiding answering questions in class, timidness, fear of rejection/non-acceptance,  avoiding asking the teacher for help, crossed arms, little eye contact, normally quiet, etc.  I’m quite sure that a few people are thought of when you read these symptoms.  Social anxiety is obviously a problem but with every problem, there is a solution. It seems to be hard for peers with social anxiety to try to interact more so how about us students go to them.  Don’t be scared to give a fellow classmate a compliment or strike up a conversation about schoolwork or something else relatable to them. Niceness and love should be spread throughout the school!  If we make all of our peers feel accepted and comfortable with each other it will surely ease their feelings of being scared to interact.  

Amory definitely is known for its student’s excellent academic performances.  Although we students excel in the classroom when it comes to interacting with each other some of us flop.  This can be aided with the help of each other.  So next time you are walking down the hall give a compliment or two.  Go and talk to someone about your favorite subject or sport. You never know who you might have inspired to step out of their shell and have a great high school experience as well.