Opening Your Eyes Underwater – Amory School District

Opening Your Eyes Underwater

By Jurdan May, Prowl News

Every week after school, Monday through Thursday, a select few Amory High School students make their way to the Amory Wellness Center. From there they head into the pool area and swim from 3:30-5:30 in preparation for upcoming swim meets. Tuesday September 21, was the first of those swim meets for the 2021 season.


 At 1:00 the swim team loaded onto a bus and was carried directly to the Tupelo Aquatic Center, the proverbial proving grounds for swim teams all over Northeast Mississippi. One of the events of note was the Men’s 200 yard Medley Relay composed of Tony Hunt, Jax Boykin, Jurdan May, and Kyle Dykes. 


During this event, Boykin’s goggles slipped off of his eyes as he dove into the water swimming 50 yards of breast stroke. This tragedy can be attributed to a variety of things. It could have been a malfunction in the tightness of the goggles or even an improper dive, but regardless of the cause there are few swimmers that have yet to experience it. In the words of Jax, “It sucked”. 


Emotions stir in the athlete that are hard to describe in few ways other than through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. In no way did this inhibit Jax’s determination; he opened his eyes underwater and swam full force back to the block. You can imagine the sting of the chlorine in his eyes, the force of the water pressure being forced back down into his tear ducts. All the while with his goggles, the very things meant to prevent this from happening, hanging loosely around his neck. 


The significance is this; when things don’t go your way, don’t give up, buckle down, and give your all until the deed is done. If your goggles fall off, open your eyes underwater and swim anyway.