One Year And Counting – Amory School District

One Year And Counting

by Jenia Bolton

It has officially been a year since Corona took over the world.  From being out of school for spring break to pushing out the remainder of the year, this virus truly took a toll on most people.  With schools being back in session, many changes were made to follow the precautions brought by the virus.  Most would have thought a year into a pandemic would mean progress, but sadly most things are how they were at the beginning of this pandemic.  Students and faculty are still required to wear a mask, spacing is crucial, and gatherings at sports events are limited.  Sophomore Mckynlie Camp says, “I feel like things have changed a lot, but Corona did bring good things and bad things.  Things would also be so much different if it didn’t happen.  I think the quarantine and other things were good and bad for me.” I am sure Mckynlie is not the only one who feels this way.  Hopefully, life will continue on, and the world will start embracing its new normal.