One Stroke Is All It Takes – Amory School District

One Stroke Is All It Takes

by Sam Parker and Riley Adams

For the first time in four years, the Amory High School Girls Golf team has come out on top in the division tournament.  This dramatic win over the rest of the 3A girls has given them a one-way ticket to the state championship. The team of four could not be more excited about having the opportunity to continue their season in Hattiesburg.  It has been a rewarding experience for the team to finally see their hard work and dedication pay off.  They have spent countless hours preparing for this moment.

The tournament was definitely one that the girls will remember forever. After posting a score that was 15 shots below the score needed to advance to state, the girls were tied with rival team Nettleton. The girls knew what this meant, sudden death.  This forced Riley Adams, SR, and Maggie Glenn, FR, to go into a playoff with the top two girls from Nettleton.  They started on hole one, which is already a tricky hole minus the pressure built from sudden death.  After two great tee shots, the girls locked in and focused on completing the hole.  Glenn had to putt a ball from the edge of the water to save stroke while Adams had to sink a putt to secure the win.  It was a moment the girls will forever remember as it was not easy to obtain this division championship.

The playoff consisted of playing one hole at a time until a team turned in a combined score better than the other. On the first hole, the Amory girls score beat Nettleton by a stroke and claimed the first division title under Coach Ragon.   The girls were honored to receive this title and are looking forward to competing in the state championship in Hattiesburg.