One Small Step For A Senior, One Giant Leap For A Novelist – Amory School District

One Small Step For A Senior, One Giant Leap For A Novelist

by Nhi Nguyen

When Amory High School released a local notice that the school would shut down due to the rampant COVID in March 2020, Connor Monaghan, a junior at the time, did not idly wait for quarantine to end. Instead, he had dreamt of his career as a novelist and envisioned that he would release the three book projects he had started during this period. Due to time constraints, he was not able to achieve this. Considering that he initially wanted to gift his teachers the author’s copy before his hourglass as a senior became empty in the upper half, he decided to write a shorter book with approximately seventy pages. He pondered on what the subject should be and resolved on the matter of modern boyhood. Since this topic is relatable, he had no issues expressing his beliefs and discoveries found during his research. With the book published this week and ready for the public, In a Young Man’s Eyes: An 18-Year-Old’s Analysis of Modern Boyhood comprises of three parts. The first section is where he shares his perspective and experiences as a young man himself. The next segment reveals the general public’s opinion on boyhood and common misconceptions that should be reiterated in a way for others to perceive these more accurately. The final component offers the structure and the guide for boys on how to act and think. According to Connor, he stated, “I want to finish my other projects and get my name out there. I will always write till the day I die.” No matter where he is or what he is doing, writing will always be an enjoyable hobby throughout his life.

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