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One Last Ride

     Senior year can bring many emotions for all athletes ending their high school sports career.  This week, the senior football players here at Amory High School will compete in their last regular season home game under the stadium lights at Longenecker Field.  And so, in honor of this sentimental time for the boys, I asked them a few questions to reflect on their time playing in the black and gold on Friday nights.

     Their 3 years of long summer workouts and endless hours watching film finally paid off when, during the 2018-2019 season, the Panthers came out victorious in the “A-Game,” ending the school’s 10-year losing streak. The game was filled with adrenaline and fierce competition, and they were able to walk away with the infamous “A-Game” trophy afterwards.  Also, the nail biter Caledonia game was a favorite of the senior’s, with many of them playing well and battling it out to the end to secure a spot in the first round of playoffs.

     Of course, talent is needed to win a football game, but I was wondering…are there any specific rituals that these players do before games to secure a win?  If you were to ask Tobias Williams, he would let you in on the secret that he listens to at least one gospel song before every game, and Alex Chilcoat never forgets to put on his left knee brace before his right one.  

     The majority of us will never get to be on the sideline during an intense game or get to hear the motivating  speeches from coaches in the locker room. So, I gathered a few favorite quotes said by their coaches from the seniors.

Chris Satterwhite : “We are in a dog fight”-Coach Glenn

Pete Moore : “What’s easy isn’t always right, but it’s always right.” Coach Kendrick

     While they’re wrapping up their time here at Amory High School, some players are just getting started.  The seniors gave a few words of advice for their successors…

Will Buskirk : “Have fun with football everyday because it will pass by faster than you can imagine.”

Easton Higginbotham : “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

     It’s a bittersweet time for these seniors, and looking back on their 4 years of playing for the Panthers, they got to reflect on the things they’ll miss most about playing football at Amory High School.

Jacob Cox : “…the friendship and brotherhood…fighting side by side in the trenches with my boys”

Drew Lockhart : “…coming out of the tunnel and getting that feeling that you cannot explain”

Jazavion Ezell : “…going to miss playing with my boys”

Make sure to come support these seniors and the rest of the Amory Panthers this Thursday, October 24th, as they play in a home division game against Booneville with kickoff at 7 PM.