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Mr. and Miss AHS

The Prowl News

October 30, 2019

Hello AHS Student Body,

Congratulations are in order for Mr. and Miss AHS!

To some, this award may seem like a popularity contest, but that is not what the award is meant to represent. These two winners represent the whole school district and especially their respective grade.

The seniors this year are pretty well summed up in the personalities of Cox and Yang. Jacob Cox is known as a class clown and all around fun guy, while Laura Yang is known as a go-getter with the ability to be everywhere at once while maintaining good grades. However, their personalities are not so cut and dry. Jacob can be serious, and Laura can have a great time. This represents the senior class very well, and shows just how far they have come while still joking and goofing around. 

To the winners: We hope that you take this award for what it is. It’s an honor and a title that means you are a representative for your grade, generation, and school district. Relish in one of your last high school achievements. Amory High School will remember and cherish your days here. 

To future winners: remember some of the statements above if you win, and never take your awards for granted (they look great on a resumé?)


Congratulations 2019-2020 Mr. and Miss AHS,

Jacob Cox and Laura Yang

Lots of love,

The Prowl News