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More Than a College Preparation Class: Coach Kendrick’s Senior CCR

by Gracie Wright


Throughout the school year, seniors have been learning valuable lessons in Coach Kendrick’s class.  Particularly in 2021, students have learned skills they will need for the rest of their lives.  

Seniors are currently participating in Foundations Digital– a program to teach the young and old alike how to manage, spend, and invest their money.  Like many other seniors, I got my first job in 2020.  This program has further encouraged me to save my money and spend it wisely.  

In addition to this, we recently learned the names and uses of at least 20 tools.  We also learned how to change the tires and oil of a car.  It often can be easy to lose motivation for school as a senior, but realizing that these are very valuable tools for life is a reason to put forth all effort in a class such as Kendrick’s.

Not only are seniors learning these concrete lessons, but students have the chance to change their outlook on life itself and how they treat others.  On April 12th, we watched Dr Seuss’ The Sneetches.  For those unfamiliar with the story, it describes a village of creatures called “Sneetches.”  Some have a star on their bellies, and others do not.  The star-bellied Sneetches carry an heir of superiority and leave the non-star-bellies out of everything they do.  A man, the fix-it-up chappy, offers to give the non-star-bellies stars.  When the star-bellies see this, he offers to remove their stars to help them keep their uniqueness and superiority.  As one can guess, the fix-it-up chappy then offers to remove the stars from the original non-star-bellies so they can fit in again.  The cycle repeated and repeated, and eventually, the Sneetches ran out of money and realized their stupidity.  

This story will always be applicable to life.  Humans often care about the most irrelevant and unnecessary things- and as crazy as it seems- they let these things divide them.  Students were reminded that no one is different than the other- regardless of race, social status, or a star on their belly.  

As we are about to enter the “real world,” it is extremely important to learn about things like managing money and tools and changing tires, but Coach Kendrick reminded or taught students something that is much more important- the way we treat people.