Metal Fabrication Classes Take Field Trip to True Temper – Amory School District

Metal Fabrication Classes Take Field Trip to True Temper

On Thursday, October 3rd, the members of Mr. Smith’s Metal Fabrication classes got to visit True Temper. James Barton, one of many engineering technicians, showed us around the expansive workshops and introduced us to a few people who work hard everyday to get their job done.

“It’s just like a cell phone-I’m sure you kids could do this job,” said Jerome Phillips of one of the machines, “and don’t think just because you’re a girl you can’t do this type of work. Stay in school, all of you, and you can do this.”

We moved on to the pleasant air conditioned office of Jimmy Cantrell, another engineering technician, who told us stories from his youth.

“Back when I went to ICC-IJC as it was called back then-I learned to use the very same machines yall are using now. About when I was finished with schooling, a big company called up my teacher asking if anyone was ready to come work for them.’Why, I think we got at least one’ and requested they send me over. That’s how I got to work for a big company and make good money. I love it here.”

The opportunities for a skilled worker are truly endless. If you enjoy machine-shop work, you may want to consider a job in an industry like this after graduation.