Meet Coach Newell – Amory School District

Meet Coach Newell

This year Amory High has several new teachers in the building.  AHS was lucky enough to get Nate Newell as a basketball coach and special education teacher.  Coach Newell graduated from South Pontotoc High. He is also a graduate from Itawamba Community College and Ole Miss. 

Coach Newell has been teaching and coaching for the past 3 years.  He has taught at Houston and Grenada before coming to Amory High. 

Coach Newell sees a lot of potential for improvement from both the girls’ and boys’ teams in the upcoming years. 

Coach Newell is married to his wife Savannah Newell.  He enjoys being outdoors. He enjoys anything and everything to do with sports.

“What I like best about Amory High is that everyone treats each other like family.”

– Coach Newell

Check out Coach Newell along with Coach Person, Panthers, and the Lady Panthers this basketball season on the basketball court. 


Coach Newell works on a game plan with the Lady Panthers.