Make-a-Wish, Dorien – Amory School District

Make-a-Wish, Dorien

By Ashlyn Black  The Prowl News

Dorien Griffin is a junior at Amory High School who was diagnosed with Sickle-cell when he was younger.  He has had to overcome many obstacles in his life and endure multiple hospital visits and countless forms of medication.  In his everyday life, Dorien tries to make the best out of every moment he has and does it with flying colors.  Dorien, along with the rest of the AHS band, thought it was going to be a routine Thursday afternoon rehearsal, but they were all in for a big surprise.  The Make-A-Wish foundation surprised Dorien with the wish of his very own shopping spree.  Dorien says, “It was a big surprise”, and “I didn’t know they would come to my school.”  The atmosphere of the field completely changed once everyone saw this great act of kindness.  Even though Dorien experienced several hardships in his life, he does not let this stop him.  Dorien continues to thrive and excel in whatever he does.  Everyone should take a good look at Dorien and admire the strength and admirability that he possesses.