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Knowing Your Surroundings

by Ruby Laird

Has anyone told you about human trafficking and the importance of knowing your surroundings? Human trafficking is a serious crime and violation of human rights, involving force, coercion, or fraud to exploit a person into slave labor or sexual exploitation.

 Human trafficking can happen to people of all ages and genders and any race or religious background. the growth in human trafficking since 2008 to now has grown astronomically. That’s why knowing your surroundings can be extremely important.

 You should always be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking alone, don’t trust easily, use social media wisely, and trust your instincts. Most of the time during these situations, Women are often used for sexual exploitation, while men are usually used for forced labor. Most of human trafficking victims are children.

 Although many cases are reported many are not. Victims frequently do not seek help due to language barriers, fear of their traffickers, or fear of law enforcement. There are some key indicators that can help people recognize potential victims such as appearing malnourished, injured, or having signs of physical abuse, some avoid eye contact, social interaction, and law enforcement.

When some speak, they seem rehearsed or scripted, lacking personal identification documents, and lacking personal possessions. With the United States being ranked as one of the worst countries globally for human trafficking, Almost 199,000 incidents occur within the United States every year according to

It is important to know that the United States has a hotline set up for every language and is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Here are some states with the highest rates of human trafficking Nevada, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Delaware, California, Missouri, Michigan, and Texas. Human Trafficking is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a person; this is why it’s important to know your surroundings.