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Human Interactions

By Cali Brown, Prowl News

Every day when you go to school, you see people. You see your teachers, classmates, lunch ladies, maybe even people you’ve never seen before. The average number of people at an American High school is around 875. That is a lot of opportunities to interact with all kinds of people. 

Think about all the times you hold the door for someone, or give someone a friendly smile. Think about how many times someone has loaned you a pencil or helped you out with your school work. 

All of these interactions could affect someone, in a positive or negative way. Smiling at someone who may never get smiled at, asking how someone is, telling someone good morning. All those little things could make a person’s day so much better.

Remember to do the small things, even if it takes a little effort. These interactions can show what kind of person you are and could make someone feel cared about.