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How to be There: A 4 Step Guide

How to be There: A 4 Step Guide

by Emma Kate Wright  The Prowl News 


2020 has brought many to their breaking point.  It often seems all hope is lost. From a divided country, rioting over injustice, or the proclaimed “pandemic,” this is a confusing time and overwhelming time for many. New technology and media depicts and defines our country with an even more negative connotation than before. 


Following the beginning of COVID-19, 40% of US young adults reported struggling with mental health and substances.  This is 20% higher than pre-pandemic and only includes professionally reported problems.  So how can you be there for the people who need and love you during these crazy times? 


  1. Take note of what your loved one tells you. Do they mention they’re stressed about an upcoming test?   Remember this and send them encouragement on the morning of the test.  The smallest acts of kindness and attentiveness show your caring nature towards this friend or family member. 


  1. Make them a playlist. Yes; it is that simple. Inquire about their favorite genres of music and create your loved one a playlist filled with music they’ll benefit from and enjoy. 


  1. Be aware of distinct changes in behavior.  Their anxiety or stress during this time may cause their aura to change.  Notice this and express your care and dependability to them. 


  1. Run some errands for them. Instead of solely listening to their struggles, actively find ways to help.  If your loved one is particularly busy on your off-days, this could be a great opportunity to show them you care and genuinely improve their state of mind and quality of life.


Help, love, lead and cherish your loved ones.  As our country seems to divide and tear apart, we can only look to ourselves to be saved.  Once we make the decision to love regardless of differences, we will all be here for each other and the world, and our country could find peace after all.