Holiday Hype-Is It Too Soon? – Amory School District

Holiday Hype-Is It Too Soon?

By Abi Stough, Editor in Chief, Prowl News

Holiday season is sweeping the nation´s TikTok youth and with it comes an abundance of Halloween and Christmas content-all in the late weeks of August and the early ones of September. Walmart shelves are fully stocked with a myriad of all things Halloween: everything from makeup to costumes to themed candies. Many people think it is just too much too soon, but what do the students of our school think?


“They hype it up too soon and it really just ruins it when the actual holiday comes around. I mean they already have the Christmas stuff out and I feel like it’s taking away from actual Christmas” says freshman Anabelle Robertson.


“It’s good, I’m glad people are excited for something, especially considering everything that has happened in the last few years. Plus the holidays are just exciting!” Tiere Johnson, senior, says on the issue. 


Whatever the stance, it is admitted that the holidays are an overwhelming part of the year for everybody.