Happy For Homecoming – Amory School District

Happy For Homecoming

By Cali Brown, Prowl News

During the first few weeks of September, Amory High School began preparing for Homecoming. Mrs. Miller, the drama teacher, puts together a homecoming skit every year for students and staff to enjoy. Students who participate in drama do lots of work to make the acts come to life. 


Ruby Laird (JR) says, “I enjoyed making props and decorating”. 


Mrs. Miller expresses that homecoming week is very stressful but so worth it when everything falls into place. 


Many young ladies also fancy homecoming maid elections and who will be on the court. Others may be excited to dance, cheer, play football, play instruments in the band, or support the Panthers in the Jungle. Most students would say their favorite part is dressing up each day of homecoming spirit week.


 No matter what role one plays during homecoming week, there is always something anyone can be a part of.