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Gift from the Past

Gifts from the Past

by Hannan Hoang  The Prowl News

Amory High School Journalism received a gift from a familiar face in late September that will be a key factor in covering their athletic and academic events.

Luke Flippo graduated from Amory in 2019, but his influence on the journalism class and photography club still reigns on.  After graduating, Flippo moved to Connecticut to attend Yale University.  While at Yale, he wrote stories and photographed their school and athletic events.  In March, Luke got sent home along with every college student in the country due to the novel coronavirus.  While at home, he was able to photograph his small hometown during a pandemic.  In May, Flippo accepted an internship at the Sun Herald Biloxi, the third-largest newspaper in Mississippi.  “A lot of people asked me why I would come back to Mississippi and want to report here after living at an Ivy League school for a year, but I think it’s a cool opportunity that not everyone gets to do.  It’s been great to bring my fancy college perspective back home to where it all started.”  His internship got extended when Luke decided to take a gap semester from Yale.  “The school announced that sophomores would not be able to return to campus in the fall.  Several of my friends and I all decided to take a gap semester and go back to Yale in January.”  During the summer and fall semester, Flippo has been photographing and writing stories about the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  “It’s been very interesting to come back here and be able to tell the stories of protests and other major events in my home state.” 

While working at the Sun Herald, Luke entered the Fujifilm Students of Storytelling contest.  The contest was open to all college students who had a passion for photojournalism and storytelling.  “I chose to write about veterans readjusting back to civilian life.  I learned a lot in the process, and I definitely think it was a story that needed to be told.”  Luke was one of 30 students that won the contest out of the 1000 applicants.  After winning, Fujifilm contacted him with exciting news.  “They basically told me, ‘We have a Fujifilm XT-3 camera we want you to give away…we trust you to give it to people that deserve it.’ Of course, I had to choose AHS Journalism.  It was an easy choice.’”  Along with the Fuji XT-3 kit, Fujifilm gifted the class two X-H1 cameras, two X-T20 Silver cameras, an XF16 mm lens, four XF18-55 mm lenses, and a XF35mmF1.4 lens, totaling over $9000.

As a sophomore in high school, Flippo had no interest in journalism.  “I was the quiet kid who kept to himself.  I wasn’t really involved until I started taking pictures at basketball games to impress a girl.”  After publishing his first round of pictures, Luke started to gain traction around the school as the photographer for sports events.  “I started traveling with all the teams and going to all the games that I could.”  Eventually, he was approached by the journalism staff and asked if his pictures could be used in the yearbook.  “Of course, I said yes.  It was really the first time that my pictures were being used somewhere; Amory High School Journalism is really where it all started for me.”  

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