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Four Bands, One Sound

Four Bands, One Sound

by Yen Nhi Nguyen  The Prowl News

On Friday, October 16, 2020, parents filled the bleachers with excitement and anticipation as they waited for the pre-game show to start. Meanwhile, the Amory Middle School Bands, which includes the Beginner Band, Silver Band, and Gold Band, were practicing getting on and off the field in order to ensure that the show goes smoothly. Also, they practiced their prepared pieces, where the Silver Band played “Old Time Rock n Roll” by Bob Seger and the Gold Band played “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers. The Beginner Band played “On Broadway ” along with other bands as a tradition that has been passed down many years.  At the same time, the Amory High School Band was practicing separately on the “Star Spangled Banner” and other stand tunes.

After a run-through of the show, the bands lined up and prepared to head to the field. In the distance, you can hear the percussion of the Amory High School Marching Band play the newly incorporated cadence that they learned this school year. As the cadence becomes louder and louder, you can see the two long lines of band students behind one another marching in sync with their left foot and then their right foot. With the bands in their correct positions after they arrived, the show began. As the last note of “On Broadway” ended with confidence, the audience roared with happiness and pride.

The following quotes are from interviews that took place after band night from the perspective of two Gold Band members. According to Elizabeth Hatcher, she said, “During the couple of weeks that the band had practiced the songs, I also practiced at home on my own to better familiarize myself with the music. Although it was my second year to play on band night, it was still nerve-racking. I think everyone worked really hard to the point that I was satisfied and had so much fun that night.” Carter Scaggs stated, “As a virtual student, I was given the music beforehand on a Wednesday and expected to take responsibility for practicing the music at home. At one of the football games at our school, it was the first time that the whole Gold Band played together with the new songs in order to give the virtual students a sense of tempo and other necessary elements. When band night came upon us, we were required to be early to practice how to march off and onto the field.”

With all of the bands uniting in one harmony, it is thrilling and exciting to see the future chapters of the Amory High School Band unravel.