Family – Amory School District


by Leah Hood

Bryn camp is the only senior on the Amory High School Soccer team. With this being his last year, I asked him a few questions related to soccer.

How has covid impacted your senior season right now? “It has affected the season because we are not sure when our last game will be. We also cannot do the things we normally do at soccer. Everything is just weird.”

What is one word to describe Amory soccer? “Family.”

What is your best memory from soccer? “My best memory from soccer is the time Matthew Otey scored a header at the end of the game to tie it and we won giving us a straight shot to state.” 

What is a funny memory you have from soccer? “I will never forget the time that me and Drew Keeton were on the side lines, it was freezing cold and we did not have any hand warmers so we put rocks on the heater to warm them up so we could hold them.”

What is your favorite Coach Clayton catchphrase? “You can’t make a shot that you shot 10 feet over the goal.”-Coach Clayton

At just the young age of 3, Bryn started playing soccer. Over the years, he joined club teams such as the team called 2:40. Bryn has been a part of the Amory soccer team since 7th grade and played on the JV team until 9th grade when he moved up to the varsity team. Bryn has been to state with Amory soccer twice, once in 2016 and once in 2018.  Bryn’s older brother, Bryce Camp, was once on the Amory soccer team and his number was 25. Bryn also chose the same number, number 25, in 7th grade. Bryn’s senior year he got chosen to be one of the team captains along with Reed Stanford. Hard work and dedication are what Bryn is going to put into his last year of soccer.