Diversity, Not Division – Amory School District

Diversity, Not Division

By Baylee Cresap, Prowl News

Picture this: A classroom full of stressed, exhausted, stretched-thin teenagers. Students eagerly await 3:15 only for the majority to still have somewhere to be or something to do after that final bell.  High school is knowingly hard and comes with its own challenges, but not having genuine friendships or someone to talk to throughout these years can make high school even more difficult.  


As humans, we tend to focus on the differences upon us rather than the things we have the opportunity to share.  Individuals often see diversity as a flaw, which results in a line of social division.  


Diversity itself means variety. This variety is found in all shapes and sizes. Being involved in different sports, clubs, religions, fashion styles, academic standings, or even ability, makes us who we are. We are given the opportunity to embrace these differences and find the beauty in each and every one of them. Throughout your highschool years, and into your adulthood, it is so important to appreciate the uniqueness of your peers.


Friendship is often found in unexpected places, whether it be in the school hallway, lunch line, or even while walking to the bus or car line after school. Even though someone isn’t involved in the same activities as you or appears differently than you, they can just as easily be a helping hand, listening ear, or your go-to person. 


 Our differences are often seen as something that separates us from each other, but our differences should strengthen us and our camaraderie.