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“Cross”ing Off The Season With State

“Cross”ing Off The Season With State

by Yen Nhi Nguyen   The Prowl News

Imagine yourself running on a 5K trail with the nature scenery passing by in a blur as the sun shines brightly upon the path like the “yellow brick road.” Your heart races with exhilaration while your body aches with excruciating pain. However, you are almost there as the finish line comes into your sight, and the cheers of the audience grows louder and louder.

Cross Country is not a sport to ignore or disregard because effort, dedication, time, and conviction are all characteristics required to become a successful member of the team. On October 31, the state competition was held in Clinton, MS. The qualifying participants that represented Amory with pride included Jill Byars for the girl’s team while Keith Byars, Clark Mason, Kyle Dykes, Garrett VanYperen, Noah Coker, and Sutton Payne for the boys’ team. Jill Byars controlled and maintained a healthy balance in her diet as well as practiced everyday, which her hard work did not fail as she placed 37th out of the 52 total runners. She said, “I am glad to finish the season strong by getting into state.” 

Jill Byars runs at state with deep concentration and calmness. –Photo by Libby Gordon

Keith Byars, who was inspired to become better in cross country when he found himself being good at the sport, placed 17th at state. Keith stated, “Getting to hang out with the team and having fun is the most memorable part of cross country.” The boys’ team was able to place 5th in the competition.

Keith Byars runs with style as his hair complements the pine trees in the background.–Photo by Libby Gordon

Despite Covid-19 delaying or even adding new restrictions to sports, challenges within the nature-made trail, and long hours of extensive training, it was not able to stop the passion and spirit in the heart of Amory’s cross country teams from burning.




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