Covid Precautions – Amory School District

Covid Precautions

Covid Precautions

by Sam Parker  The Prowl News

     “Pull your masks up.” I bet you’ve heard that before, if not several times everyday. This has become the new normal at Amory High School and it’s not showing any signs of changing anytime soon.

     The new school year has brought many new processes along with it. The school has mandated that masks must be worn during the school day at all times except for the allotted time for lunch. These masks are designed to lessen the spread of droplets containing the COVID-19 virus.

     Students are also supplied with wipes and hand sanitizer in each class. Before leaving a class, students are required to wipe down their desks with one of the wipes provided. This is to ensure that the desks are as germ-free as possible before the next set of students have to sit in the desks.

      Although these different tactics are not foolproof, they help. As of right now, there is no method of protection that keeps someone from getting Covid-19 100% of the time. Until then, these are the best things we can do. And based on the limited amount of cases that we have had in the first nine weeks, they seem to be effective.