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COVID-19 Affects Amory High School

COVID-19 Affects Amory High School

by Yen Nhi Nguyen  The Prowl News

Sophomore Jilli Grace Asa making peace with the mask mandate.

COVID-19 shifts the balance of normality within Amory High School students and staff members. Due to the current circumstances, traditional students along with the school’s staff are required to wear a mask while they are on campus regardless of whether they are in the building or outside on school grounds. At the end of class, students need to wipe their desks/tables down in order to maintain a higher status of safety for not only themselves but also for other students and teachers. Traditional students stay home every Wednesday to do their virtual classwork. However, for virtual students, they do this every school day.  How do these changes affect the school’s mentality?

For traditional students, it is a constant struggle with masks since some find the masks suffocating at times. According to Jilli Grace Asa, she states, “I don’t personally like them, but I have to wear it to keep my friends and family safe because some of my family members have gotten the virus while some of my family members are at a higher risk than others.”  Masks can be considered a necessary sacrifice in order to make the school a safer place.


For virtual students, isolation and independence describe the constant theme that they face. Alanah says, “Everyday, I enjoy a calm morning without worrying about traffic on the roads or in the hallways. Whenever I forget something from the previous class at school, I would have to go back to that class, but when I am at home, all I have to do is spend a couple of seconds to get what I need. Although virtual learning is very calming and less stressful, I tend to find myself lonely at times.” Virtual students also encounter strife just like traditional students.

Alanah Fears with Sydni Benton, Jada Bell, and Donna Parker before Spring Break #culinarygroup

With the virus suddenly attacking without warning, it was difficult in the beginning with such new challenges in the way, but  Amory High School staff and students are quickly adapting to the changes. As the virtual learning experimental stages make great progress over such a short time, it is evident that COVID-19 pushed the educational industry towards a revolutionary evolution in the learning experience and process.