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Challenged Accepted

Challenged Accepted

by Taylor Brown   The Prowl News

Along with the new freshman faces at the Highschool, a few more changes were brought along with the new year.  Because of our unfortunate circumstances dealing with the Coronavirus, many things that have become a staple here at AHS have been pushed to the side.  Despite the many changes, the teachers’ willingness to help and dedication to their jobs has never waivered.  

Virtual school is a way for the students to log into Google Meets and be a part of the lesson in real-time, even if they aren’t at school.  This became an option after students began to quarantine.  While this is a wonderful addition to the learning community, it has brought many challenges not only for students but teachers as well.  The teachers at AHS and across Amory School District have continually stepped up to the challenge, meeting and exceeding expectations.

Many teachers have also begun to record and upload their lessons in each class for students to go back and watch later as a study strategy.  While this gives the students multiple opportunities to receive the lesson, it also makes things substantially more difficult for the teacher.  Having multiple students out creates more work for them and makes it harder to complete all of their daily tasks.  

Though challenges have presented themselves, the school has provided new technology to try and lighten the load: Items such as ipads and pencils, new computers for students and teachers, and Google Meets.  All in all, the teachers across the Amory School District have worked extremely hard to get us through the beginning of this school year and will continue to persevere in this new normal.