Breaking Down Bootcamp – Amory School District

Breaking Down Bootcamp

by Ally Thompson and Taylor Brown


The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States.  Amory High School juniors have spent the majority of the school year in preparation for the strenuous exam. The state of Mississippi pays for all juniors in high school to take the ACT. Mrs. Black, a teacher at Amory High School, works alongside Mrs. Stanford, Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Laney, and many others to prepare the juniors for the test. 

For months, students are broken up into groups and practice the testing strategies taught by Mrs. Black. A week-long bootcamp, also taught by Mrs. Black, reviews test strategies and important formulas to memorize. 

When asked about the ACT, junior Earlie Garth says: “Staying focused was the hardest part. I struggled with the reading section the most…thanks to Mrs. Black, I think this past ACT was my best performance.”

The ACT is definitely not easy, but having a good teacher makes it better. In an ever-changing world, students need to take school and the ACT seriously.  

Mrs. Black states: “I teach this class, not because I love the ACT, but because I love my students…the higher their ACT score, the more opportunities they have…the more doors are opened…”

On behalf of all the juniors, thank you to all the teachers who care enough to help us succeed.