Beauties and Beaus Showcased In Amory High School’s  “A Night of Magic” Beauty Revue – Amory School District

Beauties and Beaus Showcased In Amory High School’s  “A Night of Magic” Beauty Revue

     What girl has never dreamed of wearing a shiny dress and walking across a stage in the highest heels, or what boy has never dreamed of wearing a fancy tux and strutting his stuff with a pretty lady on his arm?  Unfortunately, not everyone can be a beauty pageant queen or a supermodel, but here at Amory High School, every student is given the opportunity to shine in the annual beauty revue.

     Preparations for the beauty revue take place a long time before the week of the show.  The program is a fundraiser for the Journalism students at AHS, and their hard work and dedication to the event do not go unnoticed.  Applications to participate were due on October 3, and they included information about the students with everything from their hobbies to their favorite food.  All girl contestants will participate in an interview session with the judges so that they may get a deeper look at their passions and their panther pride. The boy contestants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and give a few fun facts about their interests and activities.  The girls will have an evening gown section of the show where they get to show off their beautiful dresses while the boys will escort them across the stage. Along with the competition, plenty of Amory High School talent will be showcased during this year’s beauty revue. Members from the student body will provide entertainment which includes, but is not limited to, dancing, singing, and colorguard expositions. 

     If you would like to watch a night filled with beautiful girls, handsome boys, and talented students, make sure you get your tickets for Amory High School’s “A Night of Magic” Beauty Revue. The new Amory High School’s Most Beautiful and Most Handsome will be crowned-who do you think they will be?

      Tickets are now on sale in the office to the general public for $12. All seats are reserved. The show takes place Saturday, November 16th at 7:00 PM.

Ms. Serena Coleman pours her magical choreography into this year’s event with passion and generosity.