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Amory High School’s Spring Musical

     Amory High School is putting on the musical, Aladdin Jr. This is the first musical Amory has put on since 2010. They have a spectacular cast and great support from the community. They hosted a spaghetti supper to raise funds. Terrell Atkins is playing Omar. He said, “Some days are more rocky than others, but I have confidence in this group because everyone has a strong work ethic.” Emily McFatter is playing Jasmine. She said, “Everything about the musical is all very exciting. I’m especially excited that Amory is putting on a musical my senior year, and I get to be an important part of it.” Titus Irons is playing the Genie. He said, “The thing I like most about my character is the fact that I can be more energetic than I normally am.” Mrs. Miller is our director. She said, “I think it is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I’m so excited to be doing it and it feels surreal to be doing it and doing it now at a time like this.” Jurdan May is Aladdin. He said, “It’s an honor to play the title character my freshman year. I’m so excited for this play.”The production is March 20-22 at the Amory High School auditorium. All seats are reserved. Tickets are on sale now at the Amory High School office for $10. See Mrs. Smith for more information about tickets.