AHS Dance Team – Amory School District

AHS Dance Team

By Jenia Bolton  The Prowl News

The AHS Dance team is a group of fierce and beautiful girls who dance and support the football team every Friday night. This program has been around for a long time and Ms. April (Head coach ) says that she plans to keep it going for as long as she can. Each girl on this team brings their own unique personality and this is what makes this team so great. This group of girls works hard every day after school practicing to make sure each dance is clean, precise, and ready to perform. With being on the dance team, you have to put in a lot of time and effort, but most importantly you have to enjoy yourself, you never know when it might end. 

  The AHS dance team personally has been through a lot this past year. Sadly, the girls have faced many challenges with the new season due to covid-19. They have missed out on pep rallies, trips, and dance camps.  This experience has been very unusual but even though there were many limits, the team still made the best out of it. Not knowing if they were going to have a season, all of them were worried. So to be able to be on the sideline this year dancing the boys on made the feeling of being a dancer even better. Despite all the craziness, the team still managed to make a lot of great memories with each other that’ll last a lifetime.