Achieving Excellence-Are Students Given Enough Credit? – Amory School District

Achieving Excellence-Are Students Given Enough Credit?

By Taylor Brown, Prowl News

Students at Amory High School are held to a high standard of excellence in academics, sports, and various activities. It often becomes easy to see everything except the real work that is put in. We see the numbers and averages on our screens, but is enough credit given for the long hours spent studying, perfecting skills, or preparing for a class?

Any student can undoubtedly fall short of perfect. The focus may fall too heavily on the times that academic greatness is not met. Spending more time congratulating students, teachers and administrators on the efforts given could help maintain a better mental state for the majority. Senior Preston Hall feels as if ”stretching my time between soccer, DECA, and attending various Amory athletic events, can become difficult for me to find time to study for my classes. I have a lot of difficult classes like calculus and comp, which leads to a lot of work outside of school.” It is clear that from academia to spirit one student is more than an average or letter grade.

Long hours spent with eyes strained against a computer screen or heads bent over a notebook are the things that students sometimes feel go unnoticed. Junior Brianna Leon says, ”Sometimes we study and we work really hard but you still end up not having the best grade compared to others. How much some people study goes unnoticed because the grade isn’t as good as someone else’s.” 

While many students feel the same way, others are neutral in the discussion or even feel as if it does not make much of  a difference either way. Others feel satisfied with what they are given, while others feel as if more appreciation is overdue.

 Principal Leigh Stanford comments on students under appreciation, “I feel like our students work harder than any others around. Because of the competitive drive from the students and our school in general we do achieve excellence. The hard work and time our students have put into their studies does not go unnoticed. In the staff meetings and teacher meetings that we hold, we often discuss student work ethic and individual participation. While it may seem as if we don’t notice your efforts, it is one of our biggest concerns.”

As a whole, the student body, teachers, and administrators deserve profound respect and many thanks. The hard work may seem to go unnoticed, but the experience gained will bode well to individuals in the future. Long hours studying, hearts poured out onto a field, or time spent with an organization is greatly appreciated.