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A Tryout Gone Good 

A Tryout Gone Good

by Earlie Garth   The Prowl News

from left to right:  Earlie Garth, Taylor Brown, Mary Grace Black

Have you ever thought about playing a sport? Well, with that comes tryouts and physically getting in shape. Tryouts are nerve-racking and they depend highly on your position on the team. 

I previously experienced this with tennis. Although I am a junior, I’ve just now decided to do an extracurricular activity. Tennis drew my attention from its players and their uniqueness to the world. Today we hear names of great tennis players like: Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. These are some extraordinary players who have pushed me to try out for tennis. 

The day leading up to tryouts, students make their way to the tennis courts to get some practice in. When the day came, the tryouts had almost 30 students, but that wasn’t even all of those who had to try out. The next week on Wednesday, the remaining students went to the courts for their try out. The Friday after the tryouts, the results were in, and I claimed my spot on the team.