A New Normal – Amory School District

A New Normal

By Emma Kate Wright   The Prowl News

 Homecoming week at Amory High School looked a little different this year.  Just as looks can be deceiving, so was this week as students were initially disappointed when learning of various changes being made to the normal routine of homecoming parades and pep rallies.  As students showed up to school on Monday, it was apparent that most students had the same mindset of making the best out of their unconventional week.  Throughout the halls, students were matching with their friends, laughing about coordinating masks, and probably not thinking about future changes as they enjoyed the moment with their friends and peers.  Upon learning of a smaller, float-less parade, students seemed to be grateful that they were at least getting an alternative to the usual activity.  Senior and Student Body President, Ashlyn Black says: “I was so happy when learning about the homecoming maid parade that I didn’t even think about it not being the usual float-parade.  This year has made me and others grateful for what we can have.” This year at Amory High School, there has been a profound sense of hope that this too will pass and we will look back and be proud of how we handled it.