A Lifetime of Senioritis – Amory School District

A Lifetime of Senioritis

by Emma Kate Wright


As May approaches and this school year is coming to an end, many students and teachers are anxious to engage in their summer activities and get a long, deserved break.  This is an exciting and also challenging time of year- introducing senioritis.

Senioritis affects a large number of seniors all around the world and is often spoken about as a joke.  A lack of motivation and rushing one’s life away is no joke following high school, so having this mindset during high school may not prove to be efficient later on in life.  In elementary school, middle school, and early high school, we set goals that we want to achieve by or at the end of our senior years.  These students affected by senioritis often slack off only during the last semester of their senior year.  The several years of hard work to reach their goals are sometimes failed only because of a few months.  Senioritis is simply defined by a lack of motivation and basically wishing one’s life away.  If we constantly look forward, we are wasting the opportunities right in front of us.  I have realized more than ever during my senior year that it is not always about the end goal but our journey to get there.  We often see others’ accomplishments and do not consider the hours and even years that were spent to pursue their goal.  We just want to get there and experience the joy and triumph.  Working as hard as you were possibly built to, living outside of your comfort zone, and embracing every moment- sorrowful or joyful- will inevitably take care of what is meant to be.